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4 Week F.E.E.D. Fresh Start

4 Week F.E.E.D. Fresh Start


Do you want to fly mostly solo but with some direction from a health and fitness coach? It’s time for a Fresh Start! What’s in it for you? Great question!

  • 30 days of diving into a healthier you, with one topic per week delivered to your email inbox.  Includes a F.E.E.D. approved Healthy Recipe Guide, Smoothie Guide, and Shopping List Guide! 

  • Unlimited email access to yours truly for the duration of the 30 days where I can further clarify any topic for you or answer any burning health questions you have along the way.

  • Bonus: One 60 minute phone call where I can check in and help you refine your strategy for getting healthier, give advice about your current routine, and give you additional resources (This call alone is valued at more than the cost of the program!  But I just can’t help myself, dang it.  I really want you to revel in the glory of a healthier life.  IT’S SO AWESOME!)

It’s time to purge those old, gross, body sabotaging habits that are keeping you unhappy and dissatisfied. Why go another day being bummed about what you see when you look in the mirror? You can do better! Are YOU ready for a Fresh Start?!