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Make a New Year’s Resolution That Will Actually Stick

Make A Health Resolution That Will Actually Stick
Ah, the new year is here, and once the haze of the NYE hangover has passed, the air is filled with the hope and promise of our shiny New Year’s Resolutions. The gym is packed, and all of our co-workers are packing salads for the first week of January. However, inevitably, the gym herd starts thinning out (sighs of relief from the regulars), and the salad eaters are back to popping pizza rolls in the work kitchen microwave.
So what gives? How do we make our well-meaning intentions last past March? I think one of the looming obstacles on the path to lasting health is that our society has made being healthy way too freaking complicated. Low carb, no carb, Paleo, vegan, no fat, zero sugar, wait can I eat carbs yet?, South Beach, raw, lemon maple syrup water… it’s enough to throw in the towel and toss back some Taco Bell and and a two liter and call it a day.
If you want to take one tip into the new year in regards to health it should be this- K.I.S.S. I will modify this a bit to make it stand for Keep It Super Simple. What does that mean? It means eat real food. Can you pick a Cheez-It off of a tree? Are there babbling brooks of Coca Cola running through the forest? Can the flavor Cool Ranch be found anywhere in nature? Ignore the marketing hype that screams at you from every package in the grocery store and get back to basics. The broccoli and cauliflower are there chillin’ in the veggie section waiting for you to say hi. Even if all that means for you is subbing one of your fizzy beverages of the day for water or switching from Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to oatmeal with cinnamon and honey in the morning, or heck, even adding a can of green beans to your dinner where there used to be zero vegetable representation.
Little goals that you kick butt at accomplishing will build on top of each other. Soon they become habits that you don’t have to think about anymore. Your body will feel noticeably different after being fueled with foods found on a farm and not in a factory, and you can be proud knowing that you carry the most important resolution you can make into the rest of your life.

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