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The F.E.E.D. Breakdown

If any of you remember the cartoon “Captain Planet”, you have a perfect vision of what happens when I combine the powers of Food, Education, Exercise, and Diet, and apply them to a health problem. (Hint, I’m Captain Planet). When these forces come together, they are the answer to confusing health equations.


What you put in your mouth on a daily basis is a lost form of medicine. I am bringing it back to it’s rightful place of respect. Your body regenerates itself with what you fuel it with. If you have some chronic conditions and look at your food choices, this will begin to make sense. I will guide you on how to choose nourishing, energizing food options that fit with your lifestyle. I know nobody’s got time to be making five course meals every night. I’m here to keep it simple yet effective.

We have all been blasted with contradicting food myths for years. How is a person supposed to know whether fat has a good reputation or bad reputation these days, and why is there an insurgence of gluten free everything popping up? Don’t start hoarding loaves of bread under your mattress in a panic. I will explain current food myths, what you should believe and what you should discard. I will further your knowledge about things you may never have heard of like GMO’s, and how they might be impacting your health. You will be strutting around the grocery store with swagger in your step, knowing your cart is the holy grail of health.


As a certified personal trainer, I know exercise and nutrition are BFF’s.  Starting a new workout routine can be daunting, but no worries, I will help you dip your big toe into the fitness pool.  If scrubbing grout in your bathroom or going to the BMV sounds more appealing to you than working out, I will assist you in uncovering ways to incorporate working out into your life, with way less of the “work” part! Losing the belly pooch while smiling? I assure you, it can be done.

For many, this is a dreaded word. Maybe you are rolling your eyes and thinking here’s the gimmick- Chelsea is going to put me on a diet that will help me lose weight but I’ll only be allowed to consume kale wrapped carrot sticks and jalapeño water. After I get through with you, “diet” will be redefined. It will describe your daily food choices (which will be abundant, tasty, and easy to prepare!), and will no longer hold the bad connotations of “restriction” and “torture”.