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Do You Need a Health Coach?

People might seek the help of the health coach for many reasons. You don’t have to be on the brink of a quadruple bypass surgery to realize that your health could use some tweaking. In fact, one thing I am crazy passionate about is PREVENTION. SO many health issues are unnecessary if preventative measures were taken earlier. Just like you wouldn’t let your car tires go bald and explode before you got new tires, why wait until you are 60lbs overweight and have migraines and a stress ulcer before taking your health seriously? The time is now! Now, I say!

• You believe diet soda is an acceptable morning beverage
• Your balanced breakfast includes cereal that has cartoon characters on the box
• You are so stressed after a long day that several beers or a bottle of wine is necessary to unwind. Every. Night.
• The possibility of fitting into the pants you wore in college is a long forgotten dream
• Your pooping habits are frequent and explosive, or non existent for days at a time
• Bedtime routines always include your buddies Nyquil or Ambien
• The thought of green foods on your plate makes you go, “Eeewwwwwwww!”
• All the health advice out there confuses the daylights out of you and you want to know what the heck you are REALLY supposed to do to be healthy
• Calorie content dictates everything you put in your mouth
• You don’t want to be on a diet your whole life but you want to rock a swim suit like you did on Spring Break 2003