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Health Coaching Explained

Health coaching, huh? Some of you might be suspicious. I mean, anyone can call themselves a coach and charge people money for what ends up being misguided information. I was skeptical too, before I did extensive research before getting my certification. Then I realized what a crucial place health coaches have in our society nowadays. If you ever played sports or learned how to play an instrument or perfect a new skill, you probably had a coach or instructor. The coach saw your performance from the sidelines and informed you on ways you could improve. Sometimes they grabbed your jersey and told you to pull your head out from you know where and get back in the game. Maybe you were terrified of your coach or instructor but respected the crap out of them at the same time. That is my job. I am your partner in health crime. I ask you important questions and create strategy on how to improve your performance. I help you make good choices and am your support system on this winding highway to health.

Around 40% of Americans are considered obese these days. The world is clearly in need of coaches who are seeing the devastating effects from the sidelines and can rally their team back into the game. Your health journey might be similar to sports or learning a new skill- fun, exhilarating, frustrating, gratifying, and difficult, but no doubt 100% worth it at the end. It is up to you to make the choice and dedicate yourself to learning this new skill- how to be healthy.


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