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Giddyup, Partner

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out why people don’t prioritize their health.  Clearly, it gets me all jazzed up, so how to get the point across to those who are obviously letting their health slide, without going to extreme measures like tackling people on the street and screaming at them about the benefits or vegetables, or round house kicking sodas out of passerby’s hands?  (I have thought about doing both).  I know our bodies are something we take for granted.  We were born with them, for the majority of us, they do what we need them to do every day without too much of a fuss.  But why do we stand for it when we feel our clothes getting tight, our joints start to ache, or we get some scary blood pressure and cholesterol numbers from the doctor?  I think it all comes down to the schoolyard retort we busted out when another kid was bossing us around.  And that response was, “Make me.”

In this (sometimes) lame, responsibility filled, obligation heavy adult world we find ourselves wandering around in, who is there to make us get our sh*t together when it comes to keeping ourselves at our peak?  Guess what?  It’s just us.  Which unfortunately causes ourselves some real problems.  If we don’t eat our vegetables, are we going to ground ourselves or make ourselves pay a “junk food” fine, or keep ourselves inside at recess?  Nope.  We are really good at letting ourselves slide.  We have zero consequences in that moment, until our little bad choices compound over time, and suddenly all of those times we “just had one” more soda, or one more fast food drive through meal, or one more day without exercising add up to a litany of health issues.  Diabetes, heart attacks, IBS, zero energy, or from a sheer vanity point of view (which often gets us further than the scare of a serious disease), we just feel freaking gross when we look at ourselves in the mirror.  And who wants to feel like that every day?

Some thoughts from the hustling, social media mogul and successful entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, on why he was kicking butt in all other aspects of his life, but his health fell by the wayside,

“In June of 2014, I wasn’t paying any attention to my health. At all.

I was working fifteen to eighteen hour days, taking every meeting I could, running an agency, investing, and spending time with my family. But I wasn’t making any time for my health. It wasn’t a priority.

And this baffled me. I couldn’t understand why I attacked every other thing in my life with such vigor, but not this. Why not my health?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized something when it comes to our well-being. With health and wellness( and everything), you’re either accountable…or you’re not. And in every other part of my life at that time, I felt accountable.

The things I am best at are things where I am accountable to someone else.  The sense of responsibility, for example, that I have for my businesses, for the 650 people of my agency VaynerMedia, is greater than my own well-being. My sense of accountability comes from the fact that I feel that I owe it to them.”

(Read the full post here.  It was a tad lengthy to add to my blog, but I love the entire thing).

I have read a lot of posts and articles hailing the idea of an “accountability partner”, and Gary’s Facebook post really solidified the concept for me.  It just makes sense.  Most of the time, we do stuff because we have to.  If we don’t do them, we pay the consequences.  i.e. you show up to work or you get fired; you pay the parking meter or you get a ticket; you keep your house stocked with toilet paper or… you get the idea.  If you know you won’t make yourself eat healthier or work out, don’t fall into the comfort of accepting that- figure out someone who will.  Someone who will hold you accountable and tug you towards a healthier lifestyle.  Someone who is reliable and cares about your success.  Someone who is 5’4″  with blue eyes and loves Harry Potter, with a certification in holistic health coaching….  (whoops, did I get too specific there?  Hehe).  Seriously though, if it’s not a health coach, search for a qualified personal trainer, or a dependable friend who will meet you for workouts or give you pep talks.  Maybe it’s your mom or you enlist your brother to ask you weekly how it’s going with your  new eating plan and workout schedule.  It kind of sucks when you have to tell someone every week that you have been slacking.  Investing money is often one of the best ways to really commit.  I will quote Gary again when he says, “Nothing is more important than your health. So before you buy that next 42-inch TV, go on an extra vacation, or buy season tickets to your favorite sports team, it might be worth taking a step back and seeing how you can make a strong financial commitment to your health.”   Besides health and fitness, I am also obsessed with budgeting.  A really boring, adult thing to do, but I can’t tell people enough how that one thing changed my finances so radically.  Save the money you are spending on eating out or unhealthy habits like smoking or a daily latte, and put it in your “Sexy in a Swimsuit Fund”.  

If you find yourself breaking personal promises in regards to your health and wellness, listen to Gary and me and find yourself a partner!  It is okay, and many times necessary, to ask for help.  Now, giddyup!



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