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Get Up Offa That Thang

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I’m not sure if it’s just me and I’m trapped into some kind of futuristic time warp machine, but the months are flying by! It is already November, and the holiday season is creeping up on us like a deranged celebrity stalker. Home Goods has all of their Christmas décor out already, and yesterday I harbored a several minute, detailed fantasy where I ran around the display clothes-lining the Santa statues like Hulk Hogan circa 1994. IT’S TOO EARLY!


How I feel about Christmas decorations being displayed too early.

Anyway, back to this month. Although I can’t take credit for the name, I saw someone refer to this month as MOVEmber, and after I stopped being pissed at myself that I didn’t think of the name, I decided to incorporate it into one of my blog posts. Thank you mystery person for your superior cleverness. One of the pillars of my whole F.E.E.D. Health shebang is exercise. And while I mostly like to focus on the food and nutrition aspects of health, I know this month I will get the polite rebuff because everyone is already thinking about their favorite Thanksgiving food slathered in gravy, butter, and/or cheese. Oh, and marshmallows. Can’t forget the marshmallows. The way I imagine myself trying to change the dietary habits of a Mid-Westerner on Thanksgiving is like one of the Walking Dead characters trying to fight off a zombie that’s trying to eat their arm off. The zombie’s distorted, open mouth face and that weird, gremlin throat noise they make. No thanks. I’ll reel ya’ll in when January rolls around and self-esteems are low and cholesterols are high. (In case anyone is interested in some healthier, plant based Thanksgiving recipes, here is a compilation by the Engine 2 Diet.)

So, to prep for the big feast, let’s get our butts moving beforehand. I know many people feel that they require the services of a personal trainer for accountability and to make sure they don’t jack up their knees and stuff. Totally understandable and important. If you are in the Cincinnati area, check out Cincy360 Fitness. They’re legit. And while I would like to meet with a trainer regularly at some point in the future, my own brand of laziness makes it so that I don’t want to leave my house or fix my bed head right when I wake up. Therefore, I do my workouts at home with YouTube as my personal trainer. I don’t recommend this method if you are a beginner and have no idea about form or anything. I don’t want to be responsible for throwing your back out or an inevitable hernia surgery. However, if you mostly know what you are doing and want diverse, free workouts that require minimal to no equipment, keep reading. Here is a list of my favorite YouTube channels:

Fitness Blender: has a bajillion videos ranging from 10 minute workouts to hour long workouts for every level of fitness from beginner to advanced. HIIT, strength training, abs, cardio, you name it.

SeanVigueFitness: This dude is pretty funny and has some intense pilates and power yoga videos. A good one for the guys if they think pilates and yoga are fluffy stuff. Your core will be burning.

ChristineSalus: This is for more advanced workouts. She focuses on HIIT (high intensity interval training) and she does not mess around. You will be gasping for breath. I love her because her abs are ridiculous and she always has creative stuff.

Yoga With Adriene: I know there are tons of other yoga channels on YouTube, but I came across Adriene and just really like the way she teaches and variety of videos. If you are new to yoga she has a lot of Foundation type stuff that will help you know what to do.

JessicaSmithTV: I like her barre and toning type of workouts. She also leads in a non- annoying way, which is very important to me at 6:30am.

MillionaireHoy: Lots of killer HIIT workouts, so if you are ready for an advanced challenge, this is a good resource.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can discover so many new channels because they are constantly recommending things based on the workouts you do. Personally, I have found it to be a virtual treasure trove of free workouts. I get a lot of people asking what I do as far as workouts, and I normally exercise 5-6 days a week for about 30 minutes with a mix of HIIT, strength training, and pilates/yoga. If I don’t do a specific workout on a certain day, I like to run or walk around my neighborhood, which has some butt-busting hills.


How I feel about exercise.  WHEEEE!!!!

You don’t have to be as hard-core as me. The most important thing is to find something you like. Pilates might make you want to punch yourself in the face, but you might freaking love walking your dog in the mornings and after you get home from work. So do that! Keep up a fast pace and enjoy some nature. If you love dancing, sign up for a hip hop class. Do cycling. Use your baby to do bicep curls and squats. Set up walking dates with a friend. Get creative and use what is around you. If you work all day, check out my post about what sitting too much does for your health. Fashion a standing desk and get off your butt.

I hope some of these tips will help you partake in MOVEmber. We don’t let our cars just sit in our driveways and rust, we drive them around to keep them in good shape. Don’t treat a hunk of metal and plastic better than your own body (even though it does have heated seats, and heated seats rule). Get up, get out, leave your flimsy excuses at the door, and MOVE IT!

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