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All About Me


So, before you think I was just born a hippie dippy, kale munching freak, I will give you a bit of my background story.  I think you will feel heartened that big transformations are possible!

Let’s flashback to 10 years ago.  I’m in college, drinking my most beloved adult beverage at the time- a Jager bomb.  For those lucky enough to be ignorant about this nearly lethal concoction, it is Jagermeister liquor mixed with Red Bull energy drink.  Mmmm.  So good for the body.  After drinking lots of Jager bombs, I would head home, first stopping for some 2am street meat or pizza.  (Gyros were my favorite).  College was pretty much 4 years of this on repeat.  You’re welcome, liver.

After college, I did attempt to eat what I thought was a healthy diet.  I bought Healthy Choice frozen dinners and low fat yogurt.  I bought whole wheat bread and fat free snacks.  When I ate out, I loved to order meat heavy meals like bacon cheeseburgers and chicken wings.

My habits and lifestyle really changed when I decided to travel to Australia about 6 years ago.  I listened to a motivational speaker talk about vegetarianism and experienced aggressive nudging from my soul to check out more about that.  The speaker recommended a book called”Food Revolution” by John Robbins, and through my reading I found out about the agriculture system in America.  I learned about factory farms and their impact on the environment.  My. Mind. Was. Freaking. Blown.  Just puddles of my brain matter spilled and melted all over eastern Australia.  After collecting myself and my remaining brain pieces,  I decided to give up meat upon completion of that book.  I continued to devour multiple books on the subjects of food and holistic health.  During my stay in Australia, I also lived with a family who had a garden, did not use a microwave, and the town they lived in was big on the organic and local food movement.  Hippy-ness training complete, I returned to the U.S. a new woman.

Since then, I have cannon balled myself even more into the world of holistic health.  Besides the topics of littering and slow walking (I loathe both), there really is nothing else that gets me more jazzed up.  So, F.E.E.D. was created to spread my love for Food, Education, Exercise and Diet to anyone and everyone.  Call me idealistic, but I really, truly, 1212354% believe that if people were healthier, the world would be a much happier place.  Now, please join your hands with mine as I execute a rousing  performance of “Kumbaya”.  Seriously though, just think for a minute if people felt really good every day.  Woke up from a luxurious and restful slumber each night, looked in the mirror and smiled and gave themselves finger guns instead of getting grossed out depressed about their appearance.  Were rarely sick or exhausted because they fed themselves food that actually nourished and enhanced bodily functions.  Perhaps road rage would decline, humans would have the energy to pursue their passions, and maybe even your boss would quit being such a d*ck.  I HAVE A DREAM, PEOPLE!  Now that the long story is over, here are the short stats in case you thought this was way too many words to read.


Name: Chelsea Lay


Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Street Cred:  Holistic Health Coaching Certificate via Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sports Medicine.



(proof of my legitimacy)

Life highlights:

  • Used to be a burger pounding booze hound

  • Now loves green smoothies and vegetables

  • Wants to help you love green smoothies and vegetables, too